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Whether you seek a full Audience Development Plan or are simply interested in new ideas, insights, and thinking, we bring our knowledge and experience to your unique situation and opportunities.

Our ability to give you current and forward-thinking advice stems from broad experience, formal marketing education, and a comprehensive familiarity with the audience development research and literature. This means that we know about proven strategies, failed experiments, and trends in audiences.


As keynote speaker at the National Marketing Summit for the Australia Council for the Arts, Denise Montgomery shared her demonstrated success in building attendance and revenues overall and in developing young adult audiences and multicultural audiences. She has also been an invited speaker on how the arts can support people’s expressive lives and the growing desire for more interactive, less passive experiences.

Sample successes of Denise's work include increasing gallery attendance by 37% while at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego and launching a number of initiatives that engaged tens of thousands of community members in Denver.